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MEPFS BIM Services | Mechanical |Electrical | Plumbing | Sprinkler

Welcome to Prisma Engineering Services, a distinguished leader in the realm of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) disciplines seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. Our experienced team excels in delivering state-of-the-art MEP solutions, optimizing Mechanical systems for efficient climate control, Electrical systems for seamless power distribution, and Plumbing systems for water supply and drainage.

In the dynamic field of MEP, Prisma Engineering Services stands out as a premier provider of MEP BIM solutions, specializing in MEP system design, thorough analysis, and meticulous validation. Our dedicated in-house team of BIM experts employs cutting-edge tools like Revit® and Navisworks® to seamlessly convert 2D drawings into meticulously coordinated 3D MEP BIM models. Recognizing the paramount importance of high-quality and detailed MEP deliverables aligned with international industry standards, our BIM modelers ensure clash-free precision.

With a wealth of experience, our adept MEP engineers deliver a comprehensive suite of services, including MEP 3D modeling, MEP coordination drawings, and MEPFS layouts. These services cater to a diverse clientele of consultants, engineers, contractors, and designers. At Prisma Engineering Services, we go beyond conventional MEPFS system design by integrating strategic planning, ensuring not only efficient installation but also the long-term sustainability of your projects.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond MEP disciplines as we seamlessly integrate BIM into a comprehensive suite of engineering services, covering Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Sprinkler (MEPS) drafting. Collaborating seamlessly using BIM technology, our expert team ensures the efficiency and accuracy of your project, redefining precision and innovation in the industry.

Choose Prisma Engineering Services for an unparalleled blend of MEP expertise and BIM integration, where we ensure the success, functionality, and sustainability of your projects from concept to completion.

MEPFS Engineering Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, & Fire system designs, recognized as the lifelines of any building, are developed with utmost accuracy and perfection. Our MEPFS engineering design validation services offer sustainable solutions for projects across diverse industries, including Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Industrial sectors, and more.

Our engineers, equipped with diverse skills and extensive domain expertise, create MEPFS BIM models. These models undergo thorough validation for constructability, performance, and building maintenance. Our familiarity with codes such as IPC, ASHRAE, NFPA, and adherence to client/industry-specific drafting standards ensures flexible solutions, assuring efficient project deliveries.

Furthermore, our MEPF BIM services focus on developing data-rich clash-coordinated 3D models for Mechanical components such as HVAC, Electrical systems, Plumbing, and Fire protection layouts. BIM design integration ensures precision, comprehensiveness, and adherence to industry standards.

Mechanical Design and Drafting Services

  • Load Analysis and Calculations

  • Coordinated MEP Services

  • Equipment Selection

  • Distribution Equipment Determination and Layout

  • System Duct Routing

  • Detailed Design Development and Calculations

  • DD and CD Set Documentation

  • BIM Modeling & Clash Coordination (LOO 200 to LOO 300)

  • Value Engineering & Optimization

  • Quantity Take-Offs

  • 3D BIM Modeling, Coordination, and Clash Resolution (LOO 300 & 400)

  • Shop Drawings, Riser Drawings, Sleeve Penetration/Cut-out Drawings

  • Block-out Drawings, Pre-Fabrication/Spool Drawings

  • CNC Data Integration with BIM Models

  • Quantity Take-Offs (Pre-bid & Execution)

  • Value Engineering & Design Validation

  • As-Built Model Update & As-Built Documentation

Prisma Engineering Services

Electrical Design and Drafting


  • MV/ LV electrical distribution.

  • Detail load calculation.

  • Lighting design.

  • Electrical power design

  • Emergency lighting design.

  • Electrical power distribution and Single Line Diagram (SLD).

  • Calculation of voltage drop calculations & selection of cable.

  • Fault level calculation.

  • Earthing and Grounding System

  • Lightning Protection System

  • Fire protection system.

  • Low Voltage System design includes Telecommunication system, PA system & CCTV Surveillance system and Access Control design

  • Electrical Riser Diagram Design

Prisma Engineering Services

Plumbing Design and Drafting Services

  • Hot & Cold-water capacity calculations

  • Sizing & Selection of Calorifiers, Pumps, and Water Storage Tanks

  • Pipe sizing for water services

  • Water Services Schematics

  • Water Services Layouts (Plans & Details)

  • Design of Gravity-Based Soil & Waste System

  • Soil & Waste Schematics

  • Soil & Waste system Layouts (Plans & Details)

  • Medical Gas & Vacuum Piping Design

  • Fuel Gas Piping Design

  • Gas services Schematics

  • Plant room Layout (Plans & Details)

  • Equipment Datasheets for Plumbing Equipment

  • Selection of Insulation for Piping Materials

  • Preparation of Design Requirement document/ Specification

Prisma Engineering Services

Fire Fighting Design and Drafting Services

  • Fire Fighting & Sprinkler System Layout

  • Hydrant System Layout

  • Fire Protection Layout

  • Smoke detection, sprinkler and gas suppression system

  • Calculation for Water Storage Capacity and Pump Sizing Calculations

  • Calculations for Gas Quantity for Fire suppression systems

  • Design & preparation of Schematic diagrams

  • Design & preparation of Sprinkler/Hydrant/Water Spray/Foam systems Layout drawings

  • Sewage & storm water services:

  • Design specifications

  • Discharge Unit & Storm Water Calculations

  • Design & preparation of Schematic diagram

  • Design & preparation of Layout drawings

  • Temporary Standpipe

Prisma Engineering Services

HVAC Design and Drafting


  • HVAC Equipment selection

  • Heat Load calculations using HAP

  • Heating & Cooling System Schematic Design

  • Underfloor Heating system

  • Tunnel Ventilation

  • Basement ventilation and CFD analysis

  • Plant Room Layout Design

  • Chilled beams system

  • Duct Layout Drawings

  • Panel Room and STP room ventilation

  • Lift well and Stairwell pressurization system

  • Chilled Water Schematic.

Prisma Engineering Services