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Design Analysis | Solar Analysis |CFD |Thermal Comfort | FEA Analysis

Welcome to Prisma Engineering Services LLC Design Analysis Services, your trusted partner for cutting-edge engineering solutions. With over 15 years of experience, our capabilities have been honed to perfection, and proven on a global scale with a multitude of innovative, high-profile projects. Prisma Engineering Services offers a range of short to long-term services tailored to meet your objectives at any stage of the building lifecycle.

We specialize in niche areas such as Structural Analysis, Data Centers, Pedestrian Comfort & Microclimate Studies, Industrial Masterplanning, Ventilation for Health, Thermal Assessment, and Warehouse Facilities & Clean Rooms. Our robust analysis engine and an extensive array of environmental performance metrics uniquely position us to enhance sustainability across various scales, from individual buildings to entire portfolios, communities, and cities.

Design Analysis & Energy Modeling

  • Daylight / Solar Analysis

  • Energy Modelling

  • Thermal Comfort

  • Model Building & Reviewing

  • HVAC Optimisation

  • Project Monitoring

  • Building Simulations

  • Geothermal – Heat Transfer Systems

  • High-Temperature Solar Applications

  • Measurement and Verification

  • Orientation and Massing Analysis

  • Photovoltaic Systems

  • Solar Thermal Processes

Prisma Engineering Services

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Fluid Flow Simulation

  • Heat Transfer Analysis

  • Industrial Master planning

  • Ventilation for Health

  • Thermal Assessment

  • Warehouse Facilities & Clean Rooms

  • Multiphase Flow Analysis

  • Turbulence Modeling

  • Aerodynamic Analysis

  • Combustion and Reacting Flows

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)

  • Data Centres

  • Pedestrian Comfort & Microclimate Studies

Prisma Engineering Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Structural Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Electromagnetic Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Multiphysics Analysis

  • Optimization and Design Improvement

  • Static Analysis

  • Linear stress analysis

  • Deformation analysis

  • Thermal analysis

  • Creation of Structure Calculation

  • Understanding Geometric Non-Linearity

  • Contact Issue Calculation

Prisma Engineering Services