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Prisma Engineering Services stands as a beacon of expertise and reliability in the field of structural engineering, with a legacy that spans decades. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service has been the cornerstone of our success, as we seamlessly blend experience with innovation to provide unparalleled solutions. Leveraging the latest software and technology, we ensure precision, efficiency, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

Our journey in the engineering domain dates back several decades, marking a legacy built on trust and proficiency. Over the years, Prisma Engineering Services has navigated through the dynamic landscape of structural engineering, adapting to industry changes and evolving to meet the needs of our clients. Our extensive experience positions us as a reliable partner, capable of tackling diverse challenges with precision and finesse. Structural steel sections, hollow sections, tube clamps, sheet & plate, engineering steels, laser tube cutting, plate profiling, structural steel processing, tube manipulation, and nickel alloys.

Swift, Precise, Economical...


Comprehensive & Quality Structural Steel Detailing:

Our overarching commitment to excellence, Prisma Engineering Services proudly offers comprehensive and quality structural steel detailing services. We specialize in providing meticulous detailing that adheres to the highest industry standards. What sets us apart is not only the depth of our detailing but also our dedication to offering these services at the most competitive pricing in the US. We believe in making high-quality structural steel detailing accessible without compromising on excellence.

Accurate and Efficient Solutions

Prisma Engineering Services prides itself on delivering solutions that are not just accurate but also highly efficient. Through meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering principles, our team ensures that every project meets the highest standards of precision. Whether it's designing, planning, or executing, our focus remains on providing solutions that stand the test of time.

Expert Team Engagement

Our team of experts is the backbone of our success. Comprising seasoned professionals with diverse skill sets, they bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project. At Prisma, we believe in the power of collaboration and synergy, where each team member contributes their expertise to deliver holistic solutions. When you engage with Prisma Engineering Services, you are not just getting a service; you are partnering with a team that is dedicated to making your project a success.


  • Stair Plan and Elevations

  • Assembly Drawings

  • Beams Drawing

  • Columns Drawing

  • Anchor Bolt Drawing

  • Template Drawing

  • Handrails & Guard Rails Drawings

  • Ladders Drawing

  • Stair Stringers Drawings

  • Deck & Grating Assembly Drawing

  • Structural Steel Detailing

  • Erection drawings

  • Anchor Bolt Plan Drawing

  • Anchor Bolt Details Drawing

  • Erection & Framing Plan Drawings

  • Frame Elevation Drawing

  • Enlarge Details & Sections Drawing

  • Bracings Drawing

  • Part Drawings

  • Columns Drawing

Industries Benefiting from Structural Steel Detailing Services

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Power and Utilities

  • Refineries

  • Bridge Construction

  • Aerospace and Airports

  • Multi-residential Structures

  • Modular Structures

  • Industrial Structures

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Towers

  • Institutional Buildings

  • Residential Buildings

  • Foundation Structures

  • Sporting Event Centers

  • Commercial Structures